General Information:
Sovereign is one of the major cities of the Kingdom of Volkarsis. It is a city steeped in history and tradition. It is located at the top of a cliff on the coast of the Tyrranic Ocean giving it the prime position for defending against attacks and sieges. While originally an oligarchy, the city has recently dropped to a single ruler dubbed the Duke of Sovereign.

Sovereign is no stranger to violence. The Red Castle was constructed 438 years ago by the army of an angry orcish prince Dur Lumob in an effort to get a foothold into Osyrene, what is now known as Volkarsis. The tower was only half completed before the small army overthrew Prince Dur Lumob and struck out to pillage. The Red Castle would sit idly by abandoned except by vagrants for 14 years. Lance Rames would be the first to attempt taking the tower from what turned into a thieves’ den. He was stabbed twelve times and then nailed to the wooden door. His brother, Dane Rames and Kai Rames would go on to avenge their brother and claim the castle. They hanged the bandits from the walls during construction and saw to the completion of the castle.

A small community formed around the castle that they called Ramestown, and they began to build a wall. The city wall had very modest framework wall that surrounded the small community back to the edge of the Cliffs of Sovereign for strategic defense purposes. It was at this point that Dur Lumob returned with a fraction of his orc army carrying a symbol of the counter-revolt staged after his 14 year imprisonment which was a raven nailed to a post in a crucifix formation with a non-burning fire cast permanently on it.

After a few days of fighting between the orcs and the people of Ramestown, Dane Rames held a meeting with Dur Lumob, and Dane ordered there be as much of the strongest ales, wines, and brews available. They came to an agreement, the Rames-Lumob Pact that the orcs could resettle in the areas right next to Ramestown and they could exist in peace. Dur Lumob agreed and drunkenly presented the pact to his army (who were gifted with a potent mead), now dubbed the Hellraven Clan. Ramestown and the village of Hellraven existed semi-peacefully for years. The town provided mead to the orcs in favor of peace, and the orcs were happy to accept it in exchange for not destroying Ramestown. Both groups worked together to build the Sovereign Colosseum as stated in the pact.

This pact would last for many years until Dane Rames was found dead, his body savagely beaten and cut in the center of the Sovereign Colosseum. This was thought to be the work of one of the Hellraven Clan. This was in grave violation of the pact and the citizens of Ramestown demanded that something be done. Each member of the Hellraven Clan was either forced into exile or tried in the Sovereign Colosseum by combat which would become known as the Trials of Sovereign. Few of the orcs survived due to Ramestown using unfair advantages during the Trials of Sovereign. The Hellraven Clan, although few, reorganized and still hold a long-standing grudge against Sovereign. The town would incorporate the now empty village and the Colosseum into the city, expanding the wall to run around the entire city, covering the framework with finely worked stone, thanks to a recent immigration of dwarves.

Sovereign was the location of the final battle of the War of Leaves. During the Battle of Sovereign, General Hubert Errol would order the destruction of Vanquisher’s Hill from underneath outside the walls of Sovereign, dropping a great number of Korrail Tyrnealtin’s soldiers into the Underdark. The excavation for performing this mission led to the formation of The Cliffs, a new city that is seeking its own sovereignty that is embedded in the cliff face. Sovereign refuses to recognize The Cliffs as their own state and the other ruler Ioanna Dora Colonomos has submitted a request to settle the dispute as per the Heaven’s Spire Concordat and was awaiting a response, but it can only be officially delivered to her. She has recently gone missing with seemingly no indication of where she went.

Sovereign has recently been the victim of an attack by skeletons and red dragons. The Fore District was almost completely destroyed, the Rim District and Central District sustained heavy damage, but the Wall District suffered only light damage. The Wall of Sovereign was scorched, but altogether whole.

Yearly Colossal Games

Major Features:

  1. Sovereign Colosseum
  2. Red Castle
  3. Slum at front gate

Player Experiences:

  1. Participation of Colossal Games
  2. Spoke to Duke Belnoy Farine about assembling able bodied people


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