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The Forgotten King has returned.

Over one hundred years ago in 582 After the Great Sundering, the Elven warrior king of Everwood was a terror to the country of Volkarsis. He rode into battle with the best of his soldiers, an elite group they called the Poison Branch. Most of Volkarsis was under his rule, and he was known to seek the help of a dark group known as the Zyntarum to accomplish his goal of mass domination. He captured and brain washed those who surrendered, and killed all who stood against him. A final push from the remaining defense fought back the army as best they could, and a small company of soldiers fought through the lines. The warrior king and the Poison Branch had suddenly disappeared. His army dissolved, and his legacy forgotten, King’s Landing became the capitol of Volkarsis.

Now times are different. Cities are free to self govern under the rule of High King Hubert Errol. There are outcries of subjugation and corruption, but overall the quality of life of citizens are generally improved. With the onset of extra wealth, there also comes the increase of crime. Bandits, pirates, thieves and political corruption are on the rise. There is no lack of opportunity for adventurers.

Through the course of events, in the year of the King, 690 AGS, a young half-elf, and illegitimate daughter of the last Elven King, named Nara got her hands on a seemingly innocuous golden tube engraved with a tree with a snake wrapped around it. This tube showed itself to be a phylactery which possessed Nara into making the journey to Everwood. Enduring the perils of the trip, she made it to the ancient tree, and placed the artifact on an empty pedestal in an empty throne room, allowing the old warrior king to rule supernaturally over his domain. He is now lich, and seeking to push his undead army across Volkarsis, seeking to accomplish his goal one more time. With him comes the presence of a new threat, the Hellbourne, and with the near extinction of the group known as the Harpers, the Zyntarum is looking to make their own push on the cities.

This adventure follows the endeavors of Carpathia the charismatic bard, Chance and Vera the complicated pair, Charles Martel the light-bound paladin, Legato Bluesummers the unseen sorcerer, Nara the unclean pickpocket, Ord Broadhulk the muscular druid, Ralph Pork the half-orc, Shiv the mysterious thief, Vargaer the prankster cleric, Sethran Felblade the hapless and not so stalwart defender, and Veronika the pale spy.

Home Page

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