Gary Orc

Gary Orc is a recurring NPC who is really dickish. First seen trying to undercut the price on a stone tablet that the original group of PCs were asked to retrieve by Gary’s uncle, Professor Orc. The PCs decided that Professor Orc would pay more for the tablet and that Gary was being a greedy yet lazy son-of-a-bitch and planned to sell the tablet to his uncle on a profit. Gary was infuriated and decided to challenge the group, particularly Carpathia, who was playing music at the tavern later that night. After a short barding contest, Ralph Pork threw a stein at Gary who, after being knocked out and revived by the group, stormed off into the night.

Gary would later show up briefly riding with Heimdigger Blackbreaker and the rest of a group of people off to fight the Elven Lich King Korrail Tyrnealtin. This would prove fruitless, however, because according to Heimdigger, the group was slaughtered when Gary decided to swear fealty to the Hellbourne and the lich. Heimdigger and Gary are the only suspected survivors of the assault.

The group believes Gary is at least partially responsible for the assault on Sovereign. He was sighted on stage of the Battle of the Bards at the end of the week long competitive events. His appearance seemed to herald the skeleton attack, and perhaps the dragon attack in Sovereign which left most of the city in ruin.

Gary is a douche.

Gary Orc

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