Torture. Pain. Misery. Slavery. Destruction. Evil. These are the things for which the Zyntarum are known. The Zyntarum is a group of people who seem to be bonded together by the hatred they see for all other living things. No one really knows much about the Zyntarum because often anyone who meets a member of the Zyntarum dies, or they are forced to kill the member. There are a few theories about what the Zyntarum’s motivations are.

  1. They seek to fulfill a new world order
  2. They craze death and destruction
  3. They desire inclusion in some kind of society
  4. They are being controlled by an unknown presence
  5. They have souls that were forged in the depths of hell

The PCs encountered the Zyntarum in Rannorton when they learned that the public official was corrupted, as well as the wizard that was contracted to build the city’s new defense golem.

The PCs encountered the work of the Zyntarum in Sun Town when they found most of the town’s residents slaughtered, crucified and burned.


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