Ord Broadhulk

The muscular druid


Ord Broadhulk is, as many half-orcs are, a product of an unloving “union.” His mother, after seeing her child, was filled with such disdain and hatred for what had happened to her during the last orc raid that she burnt her house down with herself and her child inside it. The building and the woman were both consumed by the flames, but a quick acting passerby had stormed into the blaze and managed to rescue the child.

After the daring rescue, Ord’s savior attempted to return the child, however no one would step up to claim him. The town had too many problems with orcs before, and they would not raise one of their ilk. The savior was informed that if he left the child to the town, he would simply be left out in the wild to fend for himself, like the beast he was. Though the rescuer had no desire to raise a child, he cared for the babe until he could find a suitable home to leave him to.

After some time on the road, the man encountered a coven of druids settled in the woods. Being away from the rest of society and used to dealing with wild creatures, the man asked the coven to look after the child. The group leader was hesitant about the decision. They were a tightly knit clan and did not take well to outsiders. However, the man was desperate, having tried many times to find a home for the bastard child. Eventually the leader came around and decided to adopt the child and raise it as one of the clan.

Ord’s life among the coven was not easy. Though there were many caregivers in the coven, there were none of them he could call his parents. He’s peers made fun of him in his childhood years. To this very day Ord has an extreme disposition against being called “greenskin” or “tusk-face.” The children would often combine these insults with reminders of Ord’s bastard nature. The insults eventually stopped though, in a rather abrupt manner. Once Ord began towering over the other children, most stopped poking fun at him. There were a few, though, that thought themselves tough to pick on the half-orc freak. Unfortunately for them they forgot that half-orcs have a less that hospitable nature at times. This is especially true when they’ve been taunted and tormented for years and years. They learned their lesson, though, when one day they took their insults a little to far and Ord flew into a terrible bestial rage. He pummeled them into the ground leaving them broken and scarred. One would have likely died if it weren’t for the fact that all the yelling and screaming caught the rest of the clan’s attention.

Most of the clan members were outraged and infuriated by his actions, demanding he be killed. However, the elder understood what had happened and that Ord’s nature was that of the beast. However, this did not excuse him from the atrocity that he committed, and for his actions he was exiled from the clan.

As they cast him out they provided him with a physical reminder of his actions, an ornately carved great club, similar to a totem pole. It is comprised of five segments nearly a foot long, each of them serve to remind Ord of how his actions affect others. The top section is the head of an eagle with outstretched wings protruding from the side. It symbolizes the druids connection with the animals of the world. The second section down bears the mark of the clan that Ord came from, to symbolize the druidic community. The middle, and most disturbing, section is a grim visage of a humanoid face. It serves as a symbol to remind Ord of his actions toward his fellow men. The fourth section is carved with leaves and winding vines and stands as a symbol for nature and plant life. The fifth section is left blank. It is a section for self reflection and for Ord to make his own mark when he feels he has learned his lesson.

The club also marks his status to other clans of druids. As part of his punishment he is to go out and assist any clans that need any help. This has taken him to many different parts of the world. He has endured freezing temperatures of the artic lands, where he acquired his familiar, Theodore the polar bear. He was wandering through frozen lands after meeting with a sect of artic druids. On his way back to warmer climates he came upon a fallen mother polar bear and her cubs. The first had either starved or froze to death, while Theo was nestled close to his mother’s body. He was in poor shape; barely alive, malnourished, and freezing. Ord took pity on the creature, feeling like they shared the same cruel fate. He scooped up the cub, nestled him in his robes, and cared for him. Originally, Ord had no intention of keeping him. He was not exactly the nurturing type, after all. However, to have brought the cub from the brink of death only to leave him would only have delayed his imminent death. The cub was much too young to fend for himself. So, Ord kept him around, and eventually he turned into a fine companion to have along the way. The two have been traveling together ever since.

He has also visited vast deserts and sprawling jungles. His iconic armor is made from the enchanted hide of a rhinoceros he felled himself. On one of his ventures through the jungle he happened to come across the beast. They both stood for a moment, eyes locked, fully understanding what was about to unfold. Only one would walk away from this encounter. Ord slowly brought his club to his side from over his shoulder, never breaking eye contact. With a pass of his hand over the club, Ord cast a spell to enhance the weapon. The spell took effect as the club began to expand and grow magical thorns. Meanwhile, the rhino stamped its feet and snorted. Its muscles tensed like tightly wound ropes wrapping their way around his tremendous bones. Ord bellowed a fierce battle cry and charged for the beast, and it returned the notion. Ord made out well in the first joust. He landed a heavy blow to the side of the beast, while simultaneously dodging its horn. One blow would not fell this enemy, though and the rhino turned and reared its head. Theo managed to sneak up behind and claw the beast, barely slashing through its thick hide and distracting it while Ord charged again. This time he managed a blow to the rhino’s head, but he also managed to get struck. The rhino charged him and now had him pinned against a tree. Luckily Ord managed to avoid the horn once more. The rhino held him there, crushing him against the tree. Theo raced over and continued to claw at the rhino’s hide. Ord cast a flare, dazzling the rhino, causing it to finally release its pin on Ord. With one more decisive blow, Ord brought his club down on the creatures head, ending it. Having heard rumors about rhino hides being used for armor, and experiencing its durability first hand, Ord skinned the creature and had it crafted to an enchanted set of armor.

Ord continues his journey of guilt and redemption to this day, looking for wrongs to be righted and natural occurrences to be preserved. While on his way to the famed city of Everwood, some terrible event happened, causing the entire structure to be twisted into a site of powerful evil. Ord has taken it upon himself to cure the structure of whatever evil blight ails it. Perhaps if he succeeds his actions will finally be deemed worthy of redeeming himself.

Ord Broadhulk

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