Bane of the Elven King

Fiendish Ultimatum
An Oath in Blood

After warning the residents of Duvik’s Pass about the lich they decided to do the only rational and level headed thing they could think of, set off against enormously overwhelming odds to stop him themselves.

The party geared up and headed out of town. As they traveled, Nara had become distracted by some strange humming sound. No one else, however, could hear it. They decided that due to Nara’s recent possession, this sound may be somehow connected to the lich and they decided to investigate. They followed the sound, which seemed to be emanating from a cave hidden in the woods. They party lit their torches and headed inside. The cave was old and worn, but felt somewhat strange. The party soon came to a three-way split in the path. They decided to stick together, and headed down the left hallway first. The hall lead to a room lined with decrepit bodies. In the center of the room was a sarcophagus. As they entered the room, the draugr along the walls began to lurch forth and attack them. The party was outnumbered, but Vargaer, a cleric of Garl Glittergold, held up his holy symbol and rebuked to undead attackers. So powerful was this blast of holy power that many of the draugr fell immediately. The sarcophagus, however, was opened, and from it a wrapped corpse began to rise. The party wasted no time in dispatching this new foe.

Backtracking and heading down the middle corridor, the party entered another room, this one much larger than the last. In the middle of the room was a crystal ball, mounted on a pedestal. Carpathia immediately took an interest in this item and as such removed it from its resting place. This caused the torches around the room to flicker and crackle. Their light began to take a new form. Skeletal heads began clattering and floating toward the party, fire and all. They closed in on them, and tried to burn and bite, but before they could pose any serious threat, once again did Vargaer call upon Garl’s divine blessing to loose another wave of holy energy on his foes. Many of them fell, only one escaping the hallowed energy barely. The group finished off this straggler and made to exit the room.

They would not be so easily let go, however, as it appeared that the room had been trapped. The high ceiling opened up and from it flowed a stream of liquid gold. The party collectively dodged out of harm’s way, but the gold kept slowly flowing into the room. The party left, not fearing the slow flowing molten metal and decided to check back after exploring the final hallway.

The right path lead them down a trap filled corridor. Shiv, the nimble and quick witted rogue, managed to dispatch many of the traps before they could do any harm. The venture down the hall seemed in vain however, as the hallway ended rather abruptly leading only to a small vent. Deciding he was the only one small enough to fit through the space, Vargaer tied a rope around his ankle, handed it to the party, and began his way through the tunnel. He was sharply put to stop when the next room came into sight. Everything in the room; the walls, the floor, the furniture, was composed of flesh. Vargaer quickly made his way back to the others to hurriedly tell them what he saw. The party, now put off by this discovery made their way back and out of the cave.

The group set up camp barely out of sight of the cave’s entrance, having covered it with nearby shrubbery. As the party decided what was to be done about the cave, Sethran asked Carpathia to scry on his lost dagger through the newly acquired crystal ball. With her help he learned that it was in a strangely familiar looking cavern. As he and Vargaer took the watch for the night, he pondered it’s location.

As the two sat, they were approached by a strange presence. It took the form of a humanoid, but struck a strange chord with the two adventurers. The figure came into clear sight and had shown himself for what he really was, a vampire. He questioned why the group had entered his domain, the nearby cave. They tensely made clear their intent was not to harm anyone and woke up the other members of the group. While the vampire, named Lathander, harbored no ill will toward the party, he did see an opportunity to enlist them for their aid. He had a sister whom he had not spoken to for quite some time, he wished to speak with her again, but she would not grant him an audience. So, in exchange for the trinkets they had “found” and their lives, they would go into the nearby town of Hightower and retrieve his sister, Cecile. So, somewhat reluctantly, the party moved on toward Hightower.

In the Wake of Evil
The undead rise

During their stay in Duvik’s Pass, the party took notice of the evil events transpiring at Everwood. The ominous aura renewed the party’s determination to continue their pursuit for the girls. It was not long, however, before they were reunited. The girls then recanted the events that had just unfolded and how they narrowly escaped with their lives. Carpathia still seemed shaken after her close encounter with the undead, of which she had a crippling fear. They told of how the golden tube was a phylactery that awakened the lich, how its power had possessed Nara, how the tree had turned dead around them, and that all of the inhabitants of the city of Everwood were now turned to undead themselves.

Shocked by this discovery, the party set out to find the nearest temple, hoping that the holy men inside would be able to offer assistance. They met a Father George of Iomedae, who agreed to do all he could to help them, but could not guarantee his utter cooperation, as other problems were currently plaguing him. The party had no time, however, to lend a sympathetic ear. They had to hurry off to warn the mayor and town guard. He also made promises to keep his men on alert, but could not spare any men to investigate.

The party now was without choice. They needed to take responsibility, however the odds had seemed. They decided they would stay the night in Duvik’s Pass and leave in the morning, their destination: Everwood.

On their way out of town, they could sense the evil in the air. They passed a nearby graveyard, and upon inspection made note that many of the graves had been dug up. The ride was tense. They kept and uneasy watch, for around every corner another ambush might lie in wait. Soon enough their fears were manifest as vicious and angry monsters had leaped out from the woods to attack them.

The attackers were gruesome. The skin wrapped around their bones was a pale grey, and their sharp teeth were stained with blood. It did not take long to realize these ghouls were the ones who had dug up the corpses from the graves outside of town, and now they were looking for a fresh meal. Their initial strike proved surprisingly effective, as they managed to throw themselves at our heroes and knock them from their steeds. Once they brought their prey down on even ground, they lashed out at them with their wretched claws. Their diseased strikes caused our heroes to falter, but they managed to muster the strength to vanquish their enemies. After collecting themselves and shaking the paralyzing affects of the ghouls, the party soldiered on.

After traveling down the path a bit farther, the weary group made camp for the night, their plan to take Everwood still in tact. It was not long, though, that they would stray from their path, to find something none of them had expected…

Awakening Evil
The party makes a mistake

While stopping for the night on their way back from the Shepard’s Lighthouse, the party examined some of the loot they had picked up. Nara had taken significant interest in a small golden tube with a strange insignia engraved in it. None of the party was able to recognize the symbol or discern the tube’s origins. The hour grew late, however, and Carpathia and Nara decided to take first watch for the night. While the rest of the party slept, Carpathia noticed that Nara was beginning to act strangely. She was clutching the golden tube and wouldn’t let it go. She then told Carpathia that she had to leave, but would not give any reason why. Carpathia finding this awfully strange decided to follow Nara.

Vargaer, having noticed this turn of events, woke the rest of the party to tell them what had happened. Curious, they decided to follow their trail. They followed tirelessly through the forest, stopping only to rest for a few hours in the trees. Eventually the tracks lead them back to he town of Seawell.

Once they entered the town, they asked about for any clues about the girls’ whereabouts. They learned that the girls hardly stopped at all and continued on the road out of town. Stopping only briefly to give the good news to the merchants of Seawell, and find out little information about the golden tube that Nara possessed, the party continued to follow. They followed the road toward an area known as Duvik’s pass.

On their approach the party is ambushed by a group of skeletons. Making short work of the attackers, they continue on to Duvik’s pass. They learn that strange events have been occurring recently, but have no time to waste, as the must make up time pursuing the girls. One of the inhabitants of the area, gives a note from Carpathia to the party.

By this time, however, the two girls had already reached their destination, and Nara carried on with an unflappable determination. They began to climb the tree, the Everwood. Once they reached the top, they arrived in a empty royal chamber. Nara approached and laid the golden tube onto an alter, and suddenly, the entire room darkened. The wood from the tree grew black and dead. An immeasurable aura of evil covered the area. Through a flash of dark energy, a powerful undead stood before them. He turned his cold dead eyes to the girls, contemplating what to do with them. Having snapped out of her possession, Nara realized the incredible danger she was in. She tried to use her charm to appeal to the Lich King that stood before them, but he showed absolutely no interest. He did however, show them mercy. For bringing him back to his kingdom, he would allow them to live, but they must leave immediately and never return. The two girls spent no time debating the option and left hastily.

Saving Seawell
The lighthouse scheme

While the party was out spending some of their hard earned gold on gear, they noticed some of the merchants in town acting rather nervous. Upon investigation, the party learned that the usual shipments of goods have not made it to the city. The group decided to investigate and was pointed in the direction of a nearby lighthouse.

The party set out into the wilderness to reach the Shepard’s Lighthouse. The journey would take a few days and they were attacked by vicious predators along the way. Snakes and panthers made their home in the woods and neither took the party’s intrusion lightly. Our heroes wouldn’t be stopped by some jungle animals, though, and they continued to press on.

Further down the path the party was again attacked, but this time, not be wild animals. Spears were hurling through the air and landed in the sand a the party’s feet. Surveying the area, they spotted a group of lizardfolk. They sneaked closer and tried to appeal to the diplomatic nature of the lizard men. However, their words were met with much confusion, which mounted the tensions between both sides, but eventually they managed to reach an understanding and explain that they were not hear to investigate the missing goods.

The lizardfolk explained that there had been strangers around the area lately, and that they were camped nearby. The party set out and found the pirate camp, a few tents and a large tower overlooking the area. Shiv, being the stealthy rogue that he is, decided to try and take the tower, giving the party an advantage. He stealthily crept inside and faked being one of the pirate’s patrols, giving him complete access to the tower.

Without their scout tower, the pirates were no match for the party, who dispatched them easily. The party took a few hostages so they could get some questions answered. As was assumed, the pirates took out the light tower and were scavenging the remains of the shipwrecks, storing the goods in a nearby cave.

The group then split up, Shiv, Carpathia, and Nara to the lighthouse to see if there were any survivors and relight the fire; and Ralph, Vargaer, and Sethran to the cove to retrieve the goods. Both sides accomplished their tasks and met back up at the pirate camp. To ensure they wouldn’t just continue this heinous plot after the party left, the scouting tower was destroyed. The party was now ready to head back to Seawell and receive their reward. However, before they could set out, another group of pirates emerged from the woods intent on making the group pay for messing up their scheme. As the two groups battled it out, the party’s prisoners escaped from their bonds and attacked. Many swashes were buckled, but our heroes emerged victorious, and with their victory they set off back to Seawell.


While Vargaer and Sethran were on their way to Seawell, the rest of the group had met a crude half orc by the name of Gary Orc. He offered the group a job to recover an artifact of a bygone orc tribe from a nearby carvern. The group agreed to take the job and after a short trek they reached the cavern, which a few sleepy bears had made their home. They tried to remove the artifact without waking the bears, but to no avail. The bears awoke and the party was in for a fight for their lives. They managed to fend off the bears and escape with the artifact, a stone slab engraved with orcish battle songs, in tow.

On their way back to town they were approached by an elderly scholar of a half orc known as Professor Orc. Having taken notice of the stone slab that they had just acquired, he invited them into his home. There he explained that he had sent Gary Orc to complete the task for a larger payment than the party was originally offered. The professor offered them the entire reward in return for the artifact as a sort of punishment for Gary’s laziness. The group agreed and went on their way.

After leaving Professor Orc’s house the group headed to the inn to spend the night. On the way, they caught up with Sethran and Vargaer. They swapped stories as they ate and drank at the tavern. Later on in the night, as Carpathia had taken the stage, the door to the inn was violently thrown open and everyone had turned round to see Gary Orc standing in the doorway. He was seething with anger and immediately singled out Carpathia, not noticing the rest of the party quietly seated at the bar. He began to approach the stage when Ralph, already more than a few drinks in, hurled his tankard at Gary. The tankard struck him with such a vicious force that Gary was immediately knocked unconscious with a loud yelp. All the taverns patrons looked on in awe for a moment before erupting in cheers. The crowd gathered up Gary’s unconscious body and hurled it out he door before returning to their seats. A few of the group members went out to check on him, only to find him even angrier than before as he stormed off into the night. The party continued to laugh and drink until they eventually got rooms for the night.

The next morning the group awoke to a new day and decided to gear up for whatever adventure might come their way. It wasn’t long however, until that adventure found them…

Leaving Hightower
The parting of ways

After surviving the dangers of Hightower, and noticing that the storm had passed, the group decided to continue on their journeys. Shiv, Ralph, Carpathia, and Nara had decided to travel together to Seawell, while Sethran was followed by Vargaer to Rannorton.

The larger group had arrived at Seawell and learned of a house emitting strange odors. Being ever curious and looking for adventure (and loot) they decided to investigate. After breaking and entering, the surveyed the area. All seemed relatively normal, until pieces of furniture started to come to life and attack! After defending themselves from the wayward decor, the party continued on their investigation. They found one of the residents unconscious in his bed. Soon after, they were attacked by a lesser demon. They swiftly put the demon down and attempted to heal the house’s owner. Not yet content that they’ve cleared the house of its dangers, the group continued down the stairs to the basement. There the found the strangest of monsters that any of them had yet to encounter.

The party stood face to dripping face with what appeared to be some sort of baked horror. The monster’s molten mass proved rather durable as the party slashed and stabbed at its flaky golden exterior. After suffering a few burns, however, the party stood over the splayed mess of a heap that was once a calzone golem.

After clearing the basement, they headed back upstairs to find that the man’s wife had returned home. They were thankful that the party had been there to help them with the magical bakery gone wrong. The party departed, relieved that the couple had decided to swear off combining cooking and magic ever again.

Meanwhile, Sethran and Vargaer had arrived at Rannorton. Sethran had some business to conduct, and met a contact of his in the city, agreeing to meet with Vargaer later on. After getting paid for completing some odd job, Sethran headed to the city’s tavern. On the way he was approached by some brigand that demanded his coin. Sethran, confident in his ability to throw down fisticuffs, did not yield to the thug’s demands, and they soon came to blows. Sethran proved to be the better punchmaster, laying into the thief quite well. The thief did not intend to give so easily though, and pulled a dagger on our honorable fighter. Seeing this as a significant threat, Sethran sought to even the odds with his own blade. He went to draw his dagger and…found it missing. Now at a disadvantage but still determined to keep his coin, Sethran continued to pummel the thief, and after beating him unconscious dropped him off with the skeptical town guard.

Thoroughly pleased with himself for upholding justice, Sethran made his way to the Bannered Mare, the city’s watering hole. There he caught sight of another group of vagrants harassing some poor soul. Taking matters into his own hands, Sethran told the ruffians to leave the man alone or he would bloody his fists from their faces. His intimidating presence worked and the three men departed. After helping the man to his feet and getting him a drink, Sethran met up with Vargaer again.

Now, Sethran had been rather pleased with himself for helping the people of the town with their numerous thief problems, but something had put him off. His dagger had been missing. He checked and double checked his pack, but to no avail. The dagger, his only heirloom from his family’s name, had been lost, or perhaps stolen. Determined to find it, he and Vargaer doubled back on their journey to find it.

On the road out of town, the two ran into another group of thieves. Five of them this time. The thieves demanded the money that Sethran had acquired from his job. Again he refused to relinquish his money, and the groups came to violence. This time, however, Sethran was rather outmatched, and his money was taken from him. The thieves fled and Sethran swore vengeance on them, but knew he could not take them alone. His best chance at finding his dagger, and getting his money back, was to regroup with the party from Hightower. So the two set off the Seawell

The first meeting

Hightower is the place where the original PCs met. It was here that the valiant fighter Sethran Felblade, the spirited and charming bard Carpathia Meliamne, the mysterious thief Shiv, the brutish brawler Ralph Pork, and the prankster cleric Vargaer Kekawcarootoo(?) met up as a group under threat of a powerful storm. They discovered Hightower to be an old dilapidated tower long since forgotten by travelers. The tower itself had been sealed up for quite some time by a powerful sorcerer long ago to prevent a new army from taking control of the tower in an attempt to quell the war-torn landscape. But an unnatural lightning strike blew open the doors revealing its secrets to the new adventurers. As they began to meet each other, a few surprises met them as the doors they tried to open were suddenly shattered at the will of a powerful bolt of lightning. Curious, they began to look further into the tower.

The group met swarms of rats who seemed to threaten the group, and were dispatched as such. They explored each of the three doors in this room.


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